Building a multilingual Internet site about rare diseases and orphan drugs with news, educational topics for patients, doctors and associations, discussion forums etc.


Creation and validation of a survey form for studying the underlying prevalence of some rare diseases in Bulgaria;


Receiving institutional support from the medical scientific societies;

Depositing an official proposal for establishment of National program for rare diseases and orphan drugs at the Bulgarian Ministry of Health;


Building a database of medical professionals and patient associations from Eastern Europe, specialized in certain rare diseases;


Active search for partners for collaboration and support at a national and international level;


First Eastern European conference on rare diseases and orphan drugs;


Lobbying and advocating for adopting of rare disease and orphan drug legislation in Bulgaria;


Networking and integrating with the other similar national and international organizations;


Regional conferences and workshops participation, in order to increase the awareness of medical community and present the activities of BAPES;

Project List

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